Sharp Property Management guarantees all staff and contractors are provided with training opportunities that elevate skill sets to a level that enhances the services provided by our organisation. In order to consistently provide an effective and efficient service. Sharp Property Management has invested the time and money in ensuring our team, develops a comprehensive understanding of cleaning prior to the commencement of each contract. We are committed to embracing new and improved technologies and procedures and ensuring the staff develop a thorough understanding of their role.

Each staff member is required to undertake training in the following areas prior to commencement of employment;

Safety, Machinery and equipment, Chemicals and usage, Client relationships and requirements.

Safety is a priority for us at Sharp Property Management and the latest competency standards for OH&S have been incorporated into our training regime. The team has successfully completed a safeRclean course conducted through the Lennox Institute. The safeRclean course includes the following modules; Understanding OH&S, Improving OH&S in the workplace, Cleaning storage areas, Emergency procedures, Personal protective equipment, Chemicals & MSDS, Colour coded equipment, Warning signage, Electrical cords & equipment, Equipment & maintenance, Manual handling, Safe use of ladders, Syringes and needles, Blood & body spills, Handling and moving waste, Personal & site security. The Lennox Institute conducts refresher training for the safeRclean course every 2 years. SafeRclean is based on Australian competencies (PRM04) & is endorsed by the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA) for OH&S induction into the cleaning industry.


Open communication is vital to providing complete satisfaction and delivering a high standard of work. On a daily basis you will have direct contact with our cleaning and maintenance team through the cleaning dairy where messages or changes to the routine can be requested. In addition to this you will have 24/7 support from the Supervisor and from Sharp Maintenance Serivces Managing Director and we are flexible enough to fix or change things quickly. Sharp Property Management are committed to this process and will periodically communicate any opportunities to streamline our service to you.  This has been the foundation to our growth as a quality provider of cleaning and maintenance services.

The Managing Director, Tilak Dias is himself responsible for the overall management of our Quality System and the Area Managers and Supervisors are responsible for the implimentation and ongoing provision of services and their delivery in accordance with our specified standards. Most of all Sharp Property Management will make it our business to know your business and there are no simple solutions to cleaning and maintenance but a best practice approach to delivering cost effective, sustainable and safe results for your business.