At Sharp Property Management we have the financial capacity and resources including manpower, equipment and materials to provide cleaning services that represent complete satisfaction and value for money. Sharp Property Management guarantees all staff and contractors are provided with training opportunities that elevate skill sets to a level that enhances the services provided by our organisation. In order to consistently provide an effective and efficient service, Sharp Property Management has invested the time and money in ensuring our team, develops a comprehensive understanding of cleaning prior to the commencement of each contract. We are committed to embracing new and improved technologies and procedures and ensuring the staff develop a thorough understanding of their role.


As well as general cleaning of interior and exterior spaces, Sharpe Maintenance Services delivers multi task services covering a wide range of areas including; Builders Clean Ups, Detail cleaning, Window cleaning, Emergency Flood / fire damage Cleaning, Floor Stripping, Resealing and Polishing, car park sweeping, Industrial Sweeping, Mat Rental, Graffiti removal, Washroom supplies. We cover all areas, all types of premises with minimal or no disruption to your business.
Reception, foyer, general office areas, conference and meeting rooms, executive office areas, amenities (Ladies and Gents), kitchenettes, lunch and common rooms and areas, stairways and exits, ceilings, lights, fans, walls, sides of tables and furniture, timber paneling polished.
Offices, walkways, amenities and locker rooms, floors including aisles, racking, shelving and ceilings, stairways and exits
Front of main buildings including landings, stairs, walls, awnings and glass
Gardens, carparks, gates, gatehouses and fencing

Activities Undertaken

Activities undertaken
• Vacuuming polishing and mopping
• Glass or painted walls and doors, Tables, Shelves and Cabinets, computer screens, telephones, wiped, cleaned and disinfected
• Rubbish removed and disposed of separately 
• Dust all skirting, window ledges & sills, blinds, partition ledges, picture frames
• Air conditioners duct grilles dusted and wiped, all return air vents vacuumed and cleaned
• Toilets replenished, basins and urinals, Mirrors, taps and fittings, Toilet floors, wall tiles and ledges cleaned and wiped with germicidal liquid cleanser
• Sinks cleaned and polished
• Fridge, microwave or other appliances cleaned  
• Vinyl floor polished
• Steps vacuumed, swept, mopped,
• Railings and walls spot cleaned
• Timber paneling polished

• Clear all cobwebs around light fittings, door frames, at entrance/s to the building Clean ashtrays, rubbish and cigarette butts,
• Landings or covered areas swept and cleaned including lights and fans dusted, ceilings cleaned free of dust and cobwebs
• All exterior glass wiped and or fully washed
• Gardens cleared of weeds and rubbish, bark cover applied
• Carparks swept and cleared of rubbish and green waste

All office types, multi and simgle storey, workstations, offices and meeting rooms, hallways, stairs and common areas as well as wet areas, kitchens and bathrooms.

Warehouses, manufacturing and stroage areas, large sweeping, racking cleaning with the use of efficient cleaning machinery plus smaller more detailed work done by hand.

Water blasting and cleaning of all general exterior areas in particular carparks, driveways and access ways with special one off jobs as required.

Window cleaning from simple small internal windows to full interior and exterior multi-storey windows, all as part of the normasl cycle of cleaninig or as special on-off jobs


General maintenance of flooring or other areas, scheduled maintenance or one off, prevents unnecessary replacement or failure.This is where we can offer our expertise and experience to make sure you are covered with scheduled maintenance.
Interior - Painting all areas, carpet shampoo, floor strip and seal
Exterior - Painting all areas, garden weeding and mulching