Green cleaning is the way of the Future

What is greenRclean™

greenRclean™ is a leading and industry recognised training program designed to assist  organisations to demonstrate their commitment to protecting staff and customers, resulting in measurable improvements in the work environment. Sharp Maintenance understands the importance of this program and how it can provide greater service to you. To view our "Environmental Policy" please go to

Green Capability

Sharp Maintenance and Cleaning team has successfully completed the accredited greenRclean™ training.

The program supports green cleaning as it relates to safe, sustainable and effective practices in the work place and includes specific training modules and support for cleaning staff as well as  their managers. greenRclean™ also facilitates a 'green clean' consultation service for organisations with existing cleaning practices. The program provides a thorough understanding of green cleaning and includes some 'myth busting' by addressing issues such as 'Green Cleaning Doesn't Work' and  'Nontoxic Cleaners Take Too Long'. greenRclean™ training also ensures that the levels of hygiene and cleanliness are not compromised. An extensive system including audit tools and checklists are provided to assist and monitor implementation in the worksites as part of the training course. The program covers specific training to increase knowledge and awareness of employees at all levels. The greenRclean™ concept is built on 3 key areas of importance for the cleaning industry. Detailed information is provided in the areas of safety, sustainability and the effectiveness of green cleaning.