Our Mission

"Provide our customers with a better quality of life through continuous improvement of our services, maximising innovation and implementation of the latest technological advances"

We have a hands on approach to cleaning

Sharp Property Management continually strives to become the benchmark in providing efficient quality cleaning and maintenance services.

As a privately owned business where the owner runs the business, Sharp Property Management has successfully traded for 16 years and has rapidly progressed to a level we are flexible enough to  supply a range of services and quickly deliver solutions for any cleaning and maintenance needs. The Managing Director, Tilak Dias is himself responsible for the overall management of our Quality System and the Area Managers and Supervisors are responsible for the implimentation and ongoing provision of services and their delivery in accordance with our specified standards.

Most of all Sharp Property Management will make it our business to know your business and there are no simple solutions to cleaning and maintenance but a best practice approach to delivering cost effective, sustainable and safe results for your business.

Green cleaning

A large number of organisations are now pursuing a greener approach in many aspects of their business. Cleaning is another area where you can reduce both your carbon footprint and the use of chemicals in your work environment. Ask us about our range of green cleaning options!

The Secret to Success!

Open communication is vital to providing complete satisfaction and delivering a high standard of work. On a daily basis you will have direct contact with our cleaning and maintenance team through the cleaning dairy where messages or changes to the routine can be requested. In addition to this you will have 24/7 support from the Supervisor and from Sharp Maintenance Serivces Managing Director and we are flexible enough to fix or change things quickly. Sharp Property Management are committed to this process and will periodically communicate any opportunities to streamline our service to you.  This has been the foundation to our growth as a quality provider of cleaning and maintenance services.
Our commercial cleaning team scrubbing a sink in Guildford